27 June 2015

Pins & Patches

I currently have a patch and pin wishlist that is getting bigger and bigger every day so I thought I would share some of my current favourites. Pins and patches are getting super popular and there are some amazing people making some amazing stuff, we're super lucky. My absolute favourite of these 8 has to be the 'Add More Spice' one, which I've already ordered! Which is your favourite?!

Shooters Pin by Explorers Press // Add More Spice Pin by KooKoo Bird
Eat Greens Patch by Mokuyobi Threads // There Better be Dogs Pin by Monsters Outside
Squeegee Pin by Yard Sale Press // Cactus Pin by Eradura
Hang in There Moe Szyslak Patch by Mike McCabe // Narwal Pin by Almanac for June


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    1. Hi! Each one has the maker and a link to where you can get them underneath.

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