17 June 2015

Exploring the Cow & Calf Rock, Ilkley

A few weekends ago Dixon, Eva and me made the trip to Ilkley! Its only 20minutes away but I've only been once before! This time we decided to make the short hike up to the Cow & Calf rocks. I read some walking directions before we set off which listed it as "easy", when we got there I realised the directions I had chosen started from the top of the climb. Ooops. The walk was tiiierrring, it was super steep! It was warm and I was dying haha, but I was proud of myself for making it to the top.

The climb was totally worth it, the view was incredible! It made me a little sad that I have lived so close by and never been before. We climbed right on top of the calf rock and it was covered in carvings people had made of their names, years they visited, hearts and where they were from. I found some from 1902! It was super interesting reading them all, I wish I had taken more photos of them.

We explored the moors a little bit too. Little ponds and some seriously beautiful trees. I got a couple of pinecones for my collection. I want to go back and have a serious explore next time. There are more cool rocks further in that I would really love to visit. Next time I'll probably tie by hair back... can you tell how windy it was?! My hair was basically one huge dread by the time we got down.


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