6 July 2015

See Ya June!

I am so so late on this post! JUNE! The half way point of the year, is finished... And yep, another pretty great month. July will be saving and getting ready for our holiday to Barcelona. It will include just as much sewing as this month too. I'm going to start going to the Leeds Etsy team meetings. AND I joined a gym!! So I'm going to try and do that as much as possible too.

In June we took a trip the Cow & Calf Rocks! I broke into my black framed polaroids (they amazing!)". I finally got a simpsons tattoo. I had my first ever craft fair. I hit 10 sales on my etsy. One went to Sweden! And not to Minnesota!! I did a lot of sewing and made some things I am really proud of, including a few custom orders. I had a family portrait of us drawn! And I went to Bristol with work (boo), but I got to go on a boat, which was pretty cool.

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