15 October 2017

Northern Craft // October 14th 2017

This weekend marks one year since Northern Craft opened the doors to their first ever fair. Put together by dream team Sean Mort and Carley Batley, their fairs have created a much needed benchmark for the Leeds craft fair scene. They celebrated their first birthday by doing what they do best; packing a brewery full of makers, creators and small businesses, putting on sell-out workshops and then ramming it full of shoppers.

20 February 2017

Berlin - A Brief Vegan Food Guide // Vegan Blogs

For my birthday Dixon took me to Berlin! I've wanted to go to Berlin for A LONG time so I was super excited to go. The first thing we ALWAYS do before visiting a new city, we headed over to Happy Cow to do some vegan food research annnnnnd there were so many choices we could hardly choose. You will be hard pressed to be hard pressed for vegan food in Berlin. Most place had vegan options on the menu. Soooo this is in no way a "guide" but more a skim on the surface of the places we had chance to visit.

28 January 2017

Helping out at the Weaving Workshop // Stitch-Up, Leeds

Last weekend I leant a helping hand to Lucy Beggs in her weaving workshop organised by Stitch-Up, held in their wonderful new workshop space right over there even more wonderful shop in Thorntons Arcade in the centre of Leeds.

I had a run through of the weaving process with Lucy a week ahead of the workshop, she taught me the ways of the looms, to know my rya from my pile weave. Lucy was a GREAT teacher; showing thrifty techniques to get yourself weaving without wincing at the cost! Giving amazing tips like using ready made frames and drift-wood hangers scavenged from beaches. Annnnddddd, it is safe to say I am absolutely hooked on weaving.

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