9 March 2015

The beginning.

I set myself up a more organised, nicer craft room a couple of weeks ago. I almost broke my back dragging a bookcase and a table up the stairs, but it was worth it. I've got all my fabric and bits displayed and within easy reach. I have room to have my mac close by (for friends watching mainly, music too) but the best part is I actually have a decent space to cut fabric, which really bugged me before. I can't wait to get a load of things on my wall and a couple of plants in there too. It's so exciting having a full room to sew in! It's really inspiring me.

I've been spending a lot of time in there experimenting and perfecting what I make. I am planning on opening my own online shop pretty soon, so I want everything to be perfect! I've got a bunch of floral padded zippers all ready which I am in love with. I've just finished a couple re-purposed polka dot denim and canvas coin purse too which are pretty special! I picked up some vintage fabrics (including some super smart suit fabric!) this weekend which I am seriously excited to start playing around with. I had kind of given up hope in finding some good vintage fabrics locally, until finding a seriously awesome charity shop on Saturday which has a haberdashery upstairs (which I almost missed!).

Next week I'll be dying and stamping some of my own fabric and sewing some clutches! Eventually, I'll be screen printing my own fabrics too which excites me so so much. Basically, all I can think about at the minute is creating and making. I really can't wait to share everything with you soon. If you want to see a few sneak peaks follow me on Instagram: @chlough :))

vv My motivator keeping an eye on me vv

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