2 March 2015

365 Photo Project // Day 54 - 59

Day 54// I missed another day!! This project didn't even cross my mind... I can't even imagine what I did, but probably not much.

Day 55// Handing out with Friends, blankets and slippers.  
 Day 56// Making black bean and roast butternut squash burritos!
 Day 57// PIZZA. I'm not a huge fan of vegan cheese, but Tesco make a great one that I treat myself to occasionally.
 Day 58// I made myself a real craft room! I almost broke my back dragging a table up the stairs, it was worth it. 
 Day 59// Carving, hand stamping fabric and making zipper pouches! 


  1. Blankets & slippers sound like a good idea! It's done nothing but rain for the last few days, shame I can't take my slippers and blanket to work!

    I love that simple triangle pattern!

  2. i love your Gallery soo much !



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