1 March 2015

See Ya February!

The birthday month, gone! The days are getting lighter already, flowers are making an appearance; Spring is ALMOST here. Which is suppper exciting. I'm going to plant a few herbs and a couple of vegetables soon. Marc will be the month of sewing; I'm going to spend as much time as I possibly can  making awesome stuff. And, if I'm ready, opening my own online store! EXCITING.

February started with a trip to Manchester for good coffee, okay food and Interpol. It was fun to get out of Leeds. I had a full week off work for my birthday! That week off was full of knitting and dog walking. I also went and helped out at a knitting class, which was so much fun. We made a trip to lancaster for Rorys first birthday and naming ceremony (how amazing does he look in his suit?!). I spent a lot of time fighting my way through piles of fabric, ordered a million zips. And we stocked up on okra! I made one of our spare rooms into a craft space annnnd spent a ton of time in the woods with the pup. It was a god month!


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