11 January 2015

January Favourites.

This planner is so so  sogood. I always plan out my months like this, so I can plan out my financial ins and outs. This planner would make it so much easier (and prettier). (via. Room121)

Such a beautiful tote bag! I love the black background. (via. Esther Sandler)

I know I post a lot of rings in these things, but hands down this is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Its a raw emerald, teamed with hammered gold and I am completely in love with it. (via. Delezhen)

Ombre wool! I'm knitting with some self striping stuff at the minute and its so cool seeing the colours change. These two are my absolute favourite. (via. Freia Handpaint Yarns)

You know how I said that I find it super hard to find coats I love, well I found one! Its a bit out of my price range... but if it lasts then its definitely worth me getting one, right?! (via. SeaSalt)



  1. That ring is AMAZING! I've found spending a little more and invested in quality jewelry that you will have your whole life and then pass down is so much better than buying cheap stuff that you can only wear for a few weeks before they tarnish and turn your fingers green.

    1. You are definitely right! Its so sad when you have something you love and it gives up after a month!



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