17 January 2015

365 Photo Project // Days 8- 17

Day 8// A trip to Bundobust for some well needed Okra Fries, AKA the best thing on the planet.
 Day 9// A walk down the canal at dusk looking at spooky buildings.
 Day 10// A 200 year old book of pension policies we found at work! So amazing looking through peoples jobs from back then.
 Day 11// How amazing is this yarn?! And my first sock attempt is growing (slowly). 
 Day 12// The electricity in our house is atrocious, light bulbs last 2 seconds, so we're sleeping by fairy light at the minute.
Day 13// Taco Tuesdays! I am so good at making tortillas.
Day 14// Waiting for the train to work, and it snowed! A little. Snow makes everything look pretty.
Day 15// Trying to read with a pup in the bed isn't easy.
 Day 16// Friday night Trivial Pursuit. Dixon is the reigning champion.
 Day 17// Checking out some charity shops.


  1. love these photos! that yarn is gorgeous and now I want tacos. (also, Taco Tuesday is my jam!)

  2. Awesome photos! How do you get your tortillas so round?! Mine always turn out wonky shaped. haha.

    1. Ha! I've no special technique, start it as a ball and roll it evenly!



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