8 January 2015

365 Photo Project // Days 1- 7

Day 1// Dixon bought me flowers (And I almost forgot to take a photos on my very first day...
Day 2// A trip to Tall Boys Beer Market to pick out a couple of tasty beers for a Friday night in.

Day 3// We went for a walk through a quarry. I didn't take my camera so this one is credited to Kate B. (thanks Kate!)

Day 4// Coffee in the woods with Eva on a super beautiful day. I have to do this more often.
Day 5// Pancakes and chocolate spread. I felt so ill after this.... but it was so so good.

Day 6// An awesome (unexpected) parcel to make an awful day good again.

Day 7// A chew-happy puppy got her paws on one of my old polaroids. She so sassy.


  1. Wahhh why didn't I start this. Lovely photos, the quarry looks like a good place to go for a walk. x

    1. I thiught that every single year! And finally did it!!



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