25 January 2015

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

I went to my first ever vintage fair this weekend. Oh man, so so many beautiful things. I could probably have spent my entire life looking through everything there. I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to get to something like this; I love vintage stuff. I need to find some more events like this, really soon! One of the best thing about the whole fair though? It was SO cheap. I tentatively turned the tag over on a beautiful, massive, brown bag and it was £12! I couldn't believe it. Records for £3, beautiful dresses for £20 and books for pennies. (This isn't an advert, I swear).

There were so many more amazing things I should have photographed. Loads of antique rings, the knit-wear, piles of books and a little dog in a cute jacket. But, I get so nervous taking photos in places like this, I'm trying to get better but I'm a serious wimp. I'm never sure if I should ask before taking a photos!? And I don't want to get in the way...

I will definitely be going back to Judy's Vintage Fair when it comes to Leeds again (especially if its held in the Corn Exchange, my favourite Leeds building!), this time I'll make sure I have some spare money. If you're in England check out their website and see if they're coming close to you! You wont regret it.

I'm gutted that I didn't bring that tiger brooch home . 



  1. I'm exactly the same about taking photos, I feel so awkward but I need to just do it. Looks like a great fair. x

    1. Yeah! I'm sure people wouldn't care at aallll.



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