11 October 2014

5 Ways to Re-Use an Old T-shirt

Oh man, there are so many ways to reuse an old t-shirt. Obviously, the first thing you should think do with used clothes is donate them to a charity shop, but if they're stained, torn or worn out you can still make use for them! Even if you get one extra use from it, it’s better than binning it straight away. If its too destroyed/stained/gross to use for anything that will be put on show, use it to clean your windows, polishing shoes or for stuffing in rag dolls. But if you just don't wear it anymore, how about trying out some of these ideas:

1. The Rainbow Rug - I am so in love with the way this looks, but even Meg over at Mama Liberated where I found this idea admits that its tough! It'd be perfect for a nursery or craft room thought, I think it''d be worth the stress and time you'd need to dedicate to it! (Photo via Mama Liberated)

2. Baby stuff -
          Leggings/Tights  T-shirts generally are a light jersey-stretch material which is perfect for making baby stuff. You can get templates and guides from a few places online, the one I used is here! All you’ll need is a sewing machine, thread and elastic. This method is perfect if the t-shirt is stained as you can position your stencil around these marks, or use more than one to give a two-tone look.
               Tiny Baby Hat - I found the easiest tutorial over at Small Fry, it literally takes 5minutes! I made a couple and I'm going to embroider initials onto the front, or maybe sew on a felt design? You could tie it differently, or add a pompom! There isn't anything much cuter than a baby hat.

3. Tote bag I'm a firm believe that you can never have enough tote bags. I have loads, but I need more. There are a few tutorials around to make t-shirt tote bags, I really love this one! No sewing means it's super quick. I made it last week and I know it's going to be the perfect market shopping bag to fill with fruit and veg. This one is super cute too.

4. Braided Basket - And, my absolute favourite the braided basket! I am in love wit how this looks. It seems a little more complicated that the other ideas but I'm definitely going to give it a go! I was thinking I could make a couple of smaller versions to use as plant pot covers! I think that'd look great. (Photo via Corner Blog)

5. Pup Toys  Eva loves toys that she can destroy and I love not having to pay for those toys that she loves to destroy. There are a couple of things you can do with an old t-shirt; The easiest is to cut the whole thing into three strips and plait it, tie knots in each end or stitch them shut. The second, stitch the bottom of the t-shirt closed, put in a couple of treats and tie the arms in a knot; it keeps Eva occupied for ages. Instead of treats you could put in a tennis ball, or a squeaky toy; whatever your pup likes!

I can't wait to make some of these. Have you ever made anything from an old t-shirt? I'd love to know what you made and how it turned out!

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