1 October 2014

See Ya September!

Okay so, where did September go!? It was amazing though! And, October is going to be even better. We've booked a log-cabin for a few nights, its the first year in ages that we haven't been on a real holiday, so I cannot wait to get away. I can't wait to sit by the fire. We also have another wedding to go to! I can't wait for jumpers and scarf weather.

Right at the beginning of September Dixons parents came to stay, and they brought along their two pups (well, huge boxers!)! The house was FULL. And it was great. We went on a huge walk to tire out all three dogs, got lost but found some amazing places. A couple of ponds, a quarry and a load of mushrooms. I started, and finished, a new series; Top of the Lake. We prepared our apples to make cider! I had more weekend visitors; my friend Amy and her baby son! It was so much fun having them around. I don't have much experience with babies, so it was amazing. My brother got married! They both looked unbelievably good. And the wedding was so much fun. I got moomin pyjamas ready for winter! We booked a log cabin for an October trip! I visited my parents for the weekend too. It was a pretty fully month.


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