6 July 2014

Yellow Fever Pt. 2.

Oh man, yesterday was so surreal. We started the day by over sleeping by almost an hour; which is pretty weird for a couple that usually wakes up at 6am every single day. We still got into Leeds with time to get a coffee and wonder up to where the race started all before 9am.... and was it busy? YES. We walked down the road for a while trying to find somewhere where I could see (I am tiny). I climbed up on a fence for a while but we decided to keep walking. Which worked out perfect as we got to a street where there were no barriers. 

After the sponsor and support cars passed the riders came; it was pretty exciting to see them up close. The race was neutral up until a point much further down the line so they were taking it steady but they still flew past. I got some photos that I am so happy with. Particularly the one of Contador (a past Tour de France winner), Cavendish (who has won 25 Tour de France stages) and Froome (last years winner).

Then, we went home to watch the parts we couldn't reach. Did you see it? Yorkshire looked pretty beautiful, right?! And the amount of people that turned up blew my mind! The ending was pretty exciting too, although it sucked hard to see Cavendish crash out 300m before the finish. This weekend has made me even more proud to live in this amazing city and be from this amazing county. Can we do it again next year please?

 (^ Contador, Cavendish and Froome ^)


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