9 July 2014

Raw chili & rice.

Courgette noodles, courgette noodles, courgette noodles. I love them. Hot or cold. They're amazing thrown in at the end of a stir-fry, and they're so good in a salad. A lot of my raw meal ideas are based around them. I've set out to broaden my raw-horizons. So, I decided to make one of my favourite meals; chili and rice! 

The 'rice' is cauliflower rice and is super super simple. If you haven't had it before, IT STINKS, really badly, but I promise it is tasty. I threw quarter of a cauliflower, half a clove of garlic, coriander, chili flakes, salt and black pepper into my food processor until fine; I had a load of fresh peas too so I stirred in some of these too.

For the chili in a food processor whizz up half a cup of walnuts (gives a mince-like texture), half a cup of sun-dried tomatoes and 1 cup of plum (or whatever you have!) tomatoes with ground coriander, cumin and mustard seeds until smooth. If you have fresh chilli process that too, I only had flakes and I put in quarter of a tea-spoon of smoked paprika (I guess paprika isn't technically raw? Right? I dunno...). Season to taste. Separately, dice one large carrot, a small bell pepper, 1 cup of closed-cup mushrooms and finely chop half a large white onion. Stir the sauce with the diced veg, tear some fresh coriander on top. Serve with the 'rice', a load of avocado,  more chili flakes and cover in fresh lemon juice.

The whole time I was eating this I could not believe how good it was. Oh man, I want it again already. Crunchy, sweet, spicy and delicious. And RAW. Its crazy. I probably made about three/four servings so I had it for lunch the next day too. It was even better served extra chilled. Definitely give it a go.



  1. That both looks and sounds really delicious, perfect for a hot summer day!

    1. Raw meals are PERFECT. For hot day, no spending ages in a hot kitchen either.



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