12 July 2014

New Year Goal Updates

I can't believe 2014 is over half way done, its crazy! So, time for a 2014 goal update. I feel like I am making a good dent in them and pretty happy I'll hit them all  (bar one) by the end of the year.  I'm looking forward to exploring a little more and being able to strike the whole list off. Then, 2015! Thats pretty scary.

Sew Way More - Almost. I made a couple of zip-pouches and gave them to friends. I made some bloomers and tights for a little baby. I'm planning to make some curtains soon too. I still have dreams of making myself a dress but I'm not that confident yet.

Read at least 12 books - I am 5 books in! You can read about them here. I guess now its past half year I should have read at least 6 books by now, but I have slacked a little. But I am determined to beat this goal! I have a couple of books left on my shelf that I need to start to read.

Shoot 12 Rolls of Film - I think I am only 3 into this? Which is not good! This goal has already taught me a lot about film, mainly, don’t be so precious about it! Using a roll up in a couple of hours isn’t a bad thing, there are always going to me those that are blurred with crappy light every time you get a roll developed. Shoot lots and you’ll end up with some amazing photos. My favourite ones so far this year was from my visit to Langsett Reservoir with my split-cam.

Open a Savings Account + Save Monthly- The forms are on their way! A little late, but I willdo it.

Grow and Maintain our Garden - I think this one may be a right-off, remember the allotment we got? Yeah, well, we gave it back. The plot they gave us was in such a mess it took us weeks to even get a small patch to a level good enough for planting and by that point the rest of it was so overgrown we didn’t know where to start. It was full of rubbish and bricks and it sucked. It actually made me kind of angry, like they had suckered us into taking on this heap of mess. I am growing some things at home though! I have herbs, bell peppers, chillies, tomatoes, sweetcorn and a couple of courgettes; not convinced anything will fruit but we’ll see.

Eat more Fruit and Vegetables - YES. This is one I can definitely say I have achieved already, and will be carrying it on for the rest of the year. I'm having raw meals pretty frequently. I knew this wouldn’t really be a tough one for me as I’m a huge vegetable fan, its just making the choices to have broccoli instead of potatoes. I’d like to try maybe a week of being completely raw next? I'm going to start juicing more too!

Keep on Exploring Yorkshire - I said 5 new places would be the target, well I’m only two into this so I better get a move on whilst the weather is still good. I've visited Langsett Reservoir and Golden Acre Park. I’ve actually had a couple of failed attempts, Eva and me walked 5miles to Eccup Reservoir last week to find it closed, actually closed. I couldn’t believe it. In the next couple of week sI'm going to go to Ilkley Moor and Otley Chevin. Exciting! Eva is turning into the perfect exploring pal.

'Up-cycle' Some Furniture - I haven't done this one at all. But our coffee table is definitely in need of a make-over. I'm still planning on make my own dining table too, especially since a certain pup has eaten one of the current tables legs...

Yoga - I bought a matt at the beginning of the year, and followed a couple of videos on you-tube but I haven't done anywhere near enough to actually make a difference.... I want to be flexible! I definitely want to attend a class and already be at a level where I don't make an idiot of myself.

Send More Snail Mail - Yep! I have started writing to one of my friends, and sending a few parcels here and there to those who don’t live close by anymore. I'm going to pick up some postcards too and send them to a few new people.

Vinyl Collection - Visiting our local record store is now a must on Dixon and mines weekend town-dates. I treat myself to 1 a month (if I find something I love)! I’m planning to write a little post about some of my favourite soon. I’m thinking a trip to a carboot would be a good idea too, in the hope of finding some old-gems.


  1. Oh I wish I could limit myself to one new vinyl a month. We end up with more like 50 - 70. No joke, although we buy most of them for like $1-$2 so we're not spending too much on them luckily. It would be wrong to leave them behind for that price!

    1. Haha! If they were that price I would definitely not be able to limit myself to one. They are around £10-20 here!



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