13 April 2014

Eva - Update.

I was going to wait until 6 months to do another pupdate, but she is just over 4 months now and she has changed SO much since I last wrote about her it is insane so I thought it was worth an update. She is a real dog now.

First, physically, Eva is getting huge! Looking back at her sat in her bed when she first came home and she is about 10x too small for it, now she is spilling over the edges. Her legs are SO long. They seem to have grown inches over night. I think all her pup-teeth are gone now and new ones have grown through, it looks kind of weird; like she is wearing dentures. Her fur has gone insane recently too, it is SO scruffy. She has the best beard. I love it.

Behaviour wise, she used to be pretty shy around people but recently she has gotten so much confidence. When we'd have friends around she would just sit on Dixon or me and not move; now she loves meeting people. She is such a friendly dog! She has been great with all the other dogs she has met too, which is really important to me. My absolute favourite part of having a dog is taking her walking and the confidence she has now makes that so much easier. Having an exploring partner is the best. AND she is so obedient, I can let her off the lead in the woods or a field and I don't have to worry at all, its so much fun watching her run around.

Eva is the most stereotypically doggish dog I have ever met. She loves sticks. She loves tennis balls. She loves jumping in streams (even though she does go insane when she is soaking). She has the best bark, and goes insane when someone knocks on the door. Over all, we are the luckiest dog parents. I can't imagine her not being here.


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