10 April 2014

Langsett Reservoir on Film.

Last weekend Dixon and me jumped on a train with the pup to visit my parents. We met up with my brothers, their fiancees and their pups and all went for a walk around Langsett reservoir. I've been super excited for Eva to meet up with their dogs for ages, I was so happy that they got along so well. She was running around and having the best time with them.

I completely forgot to pack my dslr which bummed me out, but I had my new Split Camera with me which worked out perfectly as I got through a full roll in the couple of hours we were there. I really need to learn to be less precious with film, especially when using a camera for the first time. Anyway, Langsett Reservoir is so beautiful. I have never been before and even though it was super windy, dull (as you'll see in the photos) and pretty rainy I was blown away. We saw toads, Lapwings and Red Grouse! So I was pretty happy.

And the photos themselves, okay, they could have been brighter (but on a dull day with expired film, I didn't expect much colour) but I got some pretty nice prints! I love the ghosty look of some of them and how in some you can't tell where trees start or finish. I forgot to take the second shot on a couple so they just had a black bar on them and a couple were blurred, but lesson learnt! Can't wait to give it another try on a brighter day. Here are my favourites:

 // Camera- Split-Cam // Film used- Fujifilm: Superia 200 Exp. 2006 //

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  1. They have an eerie quality to them, it's wonderful!


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