4 February 2014

Top 5 - February.

Origami lampshades! I am mesmerised by how amazing they are. I struggled to pick my favourite, but I think this mint one may be it. It would me amazing hung low over a dining table. (via. Studio Snowpuppe)

I love Charles Bukowski and this framed print is perfect use of one of this less offensive quotes. I'm on the look out for amazing stuff to hang on our walls, I have a feeling this will be on its way to me shortly. (via. Alphonnsine)

So pretty!! This ring is like looking into space on a beautifully detailed gold hoop. (via. Starlight Studio)

I am a mug fan/ I'm growing a good collection, I love being able to pick which one I should have my coffee in on a morning and this one would make a perfect addition. I love the little happy bears! (via. Kinship)
I love everything Heather Moore makes (I'm not joking, she is amazing). These herd cushion covers are my current favourites, they would look awesome on my couch. (via. Skinny la Minx)  


  1. I need that mug in my life, I might actually do things if I had that!

    Michelle | Satchels + Pearls

    1. Ha totally, thats why I need it too!


  2. Ooh that little ring is so, so pretty. Dainty and cute ^_^

  3. Love that print and gave that exact Skinny la Minx pillow to my sister for Christmas and secretly wanted to keep it for myself.


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