1 February 2014

See Ya January.

January is always a good month. Starting a fresh always feels amazing and  I am always filled with enthusiasm for the new year ahead. February starts off with me having some time off work, a trip to Glasgow for a couple of days (working though, boo) and then my birthday! Its going to be busy! AND, I am really looking forward to taking the pup out for her first walk and introducing her to our friend.

In January I used my first set of film in my Instax camera (I love it!). I spent a lot of time sitting at my sewing table mastering zippers and I made myself a bunch of pouches in the process! It was frosty and foggy and amazing (but cold). I ate a lot of salads and we had a few raw meals too! I bought myself some shoes that I absolutely love (not a big deal for most, huge deal for me). I started making loads of time to read, and found a book I'm finding tough to put down. AND, most excitingly, we went to meet a puppy and a week or so later, brought her home! The last week of January was spent at home training her to be awesome. I hope you had an awesome January.



  1. It sounds like you had a cracking January ^_^ I hope your February (and the rest of your year!) is just as awesome! Love the picture of the snuggly pup, so cute!

    1. Aw thank you, I hope your February is awesome too!



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