13 February 2014

18 before 25 - The End!

It now seems a million years ago since I set myself these goals. Yesterday was my 25th Birthday and so, the end of my goals. I have had fun working my way through them. But wow, over 18 months your priorities and likes/dislikes really do change. I have learnt a lot over these 18 months. If I could go back to when I first started this I would write a very different list. I'd leave out some for being un-achievable or overly ambitious (5 & 6), I would be more specific on others (11!) and definitely pick things that cost less money.

My final 18 before 25 roundup;

1. Learn to bake my own amazing bread - Most definitely! 
2. Give some time to charity, regularly - A few little bits; 1. I walked some pups 2. Laid a path through the woods. 3. Volunteered at Kirkstall Community Gardens.
3. Start learning to drive. -Nope, but I will be getting my provisional in the near future.
4. Go to the Lake District - I was planning to do this for my birthday, but, you know, we got a pup! But, I am currently looking up dog-friendly cottage rentals so we can make a trip when shes a little older.
5. Go whale spotting - This is one that I should have researched. Whale spotting in England isn't too easy, and the places you can do it are far away. But, this is something I will do, at some point.
6. Get my qualifications for work - Hm.

7. Go carbooting.
8. Go to the Manchester Velodrome- Still planning on doing this soon.
9. See more bands play live- Happy with this one! Including Braid, Owen and millions at Primavera Sound; The Postal Service, Camera Obscura, Hot Snakes & Shellac. 
10. Read as much as possible - I didn't do too great at this one in the beginning, but 2014 is going to be my year of reading. I'm reading in every single spare moment I have.
11. Lose weight! - I may be prematurely crossing this one off. But, since the new year I have made some serious diet changes and I'm pretty happy with how its going.
12. Explore Yorkshire! - Yep; 1. 2. 3. I'm planning on carrying this one on into 2014.
13. Start quilting. Start and finish one design by hand. - I did this but my attempt was awful. It really did look terrible in the end, but I learnt a lot and went ahead and made one with my machine; much better.
14. Take more photos (especially film) and frame them to hang around the flat - Started, I have a lot of film that needs developing also; 1.2.
15. Sort my finances out, no more debt.- On my way! Overdraft and store cards paid off, building on my credit rating and trying to be smart about what I spend. 

16. Host a (dinner) party - Nope.
17. Go see a play - Done.
18. Learn to enjoy time alone. - Totally happy with this one!
19. Ride bikes with Dixon - It makes me sad I haven't done this one. Really sad. I love to bike but I just haven't in ages.

Even though I did strike them all off, I feel good to have finished. You can look back through my past posts on this one right here.


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