15 February 2014

Eva - Update.

It's three weeks today since we brought our little pup home. Eva is still pretty young and pretty needy! But I can hardly remember what it was like before she came to live with us. She is the best. She sits on the sofa with me at night and falls asleep in my lap, and I can't believe she is ours.

Eva is turning out to be a pretty perfect pup. Obviously she has a lot of growing to do, but so far, behavior wise I think we have been lucky! She has 1 or 2 crazy moments during the day where she will run laps of the house and will bite at my feet or anything within her reach and she manages to climb places she shouldn't be climbing whenever she is left alone.... But we are getting into a pretty good routine now. House training has also gone REALLY well, she lets us know she needs to go in the garden to do her thing every time. Although she still can't quite hold it in when we leave for for an hour or so.

I know everyone says this about their pet, but she is SO smart! She is learning so quickly. She always knows how to sit, give a paw, stay, go to her bed, fetch and (sometimes) drop. We're going to take advantage of her young brain and teach her as much as we can. I have visions of her mastering hundreds of tricks. I did a bit of a search on ways to keep pups entertained and found someone who suggested putting treats under cups and letter them figure out how to get it... She didn't get it. At all. Ha.

She is almost 11 weeks old now, and after our visit to the vet we found out she weighs around 2.6kg which is pretty perfect. I was worried she was skinny. We also found out she has a slight under-bite, we wont know what problems it may cause until she has her adult teeth but fingers crossed it wont cause any complicated (it does give her the funniest smile sometimes). Taking her to the vets also made me realised that she is pretty shy of other people, but that's as she hasn't met many people yet! She is halfway through her vaccinations (her second jab is on Monday) so once that is out of the way we can start taking her out and getting her confidence up! I am desperate to take her out and introduce her to our friends. I already have plans for places we're going to explore first and weekends away to the beach further in the future. Taking her out is definitely the part I am most excited about!

I am looking forward to seeing her grow up and many many more dog days.



  1. oh my gosh, she's such a cutie! Congrats on your puppy! I've been longing for a furry creature around the house, but since I'm not allowed pets in my lease, I'd have to move!

    1. We specifically found somewhere that was dog friendly before we got her, that was pretty tough!!


  2. Ooh she's adorable ^_^ I love that last picture of her! Really can't wait to get a pup of my own.


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