3 January 2014

Top 5 - January

I am in desperate need of a new necklace, and this wishbone pendant is just perfect. Actually the whole store is pretty perfect. (via. Oliver Yew)

Every pup deserves personalised treats! I still have distant dreams of getting a dog of my own some day soon and I will definitely be putting in an order for one (or two) of these cutters. (via. Name that Cookie)

Yep, a healthy food book thing on a wishlist at the beginning of a new year! Original huh? This year I am going to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, and I'm thinking of starting to have at least one day a week as a raw day, so this recipe book would definitely come in handy. (via. Amazon)

I am on the lookout for a calendar for my craft room and I am so in love with this one! March and Mays illustrations are so good I'd have to frame them. (via. 1canoe2)

It doesn't matter how many pairs of Vans I ruin within a couple of months of buying, I can't help but want more. I miss wearing trainers. These black on black ones are next on my list. (via. Office)

I am going to try and do one of these every month this year. I hope your Friday is awesome! The weather is awful here, I am dreading getting to work. x



  1. I have those exact black vans and they serve me so well. such a huge fan of the whole brand. :]

    1. Same here! Not sure why I love them so much. Can't wait to get my hands on them

      Chloe x

  2. I kind of feel like I need that wishbone necklace right now.. And Vans? Classic.

  3. That wishbone necklace really is so perfect, and unique!
    Love your blog, new follower via bloglovin :)
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages


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