1 December 2013

See Ya November!

November! Where did you go? Now it's getting frosty and snow is coming (I hope). I can't believe we're in the final month of 2013. I am looking forward to decorating our Christmas tree, making some mulled wine and putting cinnamon on everything. I'm looking forward to wrapping some presents and spending time with our families and friends. I am really looking forward to 2014 too...

November has been my favourite month so far this year. I went apple picking (for the first time)! Boots came out in force. Many chillis, curries and casseroles were eaten. I got a couple of new tattoos by a very talented lady. We had the first frost. I explored some new amazing places. I especially loved my visit to Kirkstall Abbey. We built our wardrobe! I sponsored a dog at Dogs Trust. I made a trip to Edinburgh, that city is beautiful; shame it was all for work. The German Market is back in town so I had my first mulled wine of the year, cherry flavour too! Cherry is the best flavour. We made a visit to a new local brewery pub, which I'm in love with. I added to my Christmas decorations collection... which officially means it is now Christmas.  I made biscuits. Happy December everyone!



  1. *squeee* I am so jealous of your owl Christmas ornaments, what a great find!

    1. Thank you! I aim to have nothing on my free but birds



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