25 November 2013

Riverside exploring.

It was a super beautiful day on Saturday, so Dixon and me headed out for some exploring. We planned to go down to the canal but we stumbled across this really amazing trail through the woods right by the River Aire. The river was pretty impressive down there and you could get really close to it if you were willing to climb down a little; which was kind of scary because everything was covered in moss! I really love exploring woods, I imagine this is the kind of place which is covered in bluebells in the Spring. I'll have to make a trip back then.

Then, we headed down to Kirkstall Abbey. I've been bugging Dixon to take me there for a few weeks. I have lived so close by to that place for years and drove past loads of times but never actually stopped and gone in. I've no idea why it took me so long, that place is beautiful! They abbey was built around 1150 (How they build something to huge back then, I've no idea), and, as you can see its pretty much just ruins now after the family who bought it in the 1600's started to use the stones for other buildings. It is still super impressive. And, I'm currently obsessed in reading all about its history. We're pretty lucky to have something so interesting so close by. 

Dixon snagged me a holly branch that was full of berries. Holly is the best Christmas decoration. I'm hoping it takes root!

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  1. wow! these photos are absolutely beautiful! I live in a boring suburban city so there isn't much nearby to explore. I would love to go on an adventure like this!


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