17 December 2013

Christmas v2.

Last year I  had a pretty shitty Christmas; on Christmas eve eve noro-virus got me. I was up all night throwing up, the next day was the same... It was awful. Dixon managed to get me us on a train to my parents house. Christmas Eve came around and the virus came for Dixon too. He was in a pretty bad way come Christmas morning, we had both hardly slept and hadn't eaten in a couple of days. We didn't want to be anti-social so dragged ourselves to my brothers for Christmas dinner; the food looked amazing and we filled our plates. But ate nothing. We weren't feeling fantastic by this point so we went and sulked away in the dark living room feeling sorry for ourselves. We lost our Christmas, and it really sucked. 

Today is the last day at work until the new year and I am making the most of feeling fit and healthy. The tree is already up. I'm going to bake, wrap and decorate.  I'm going to take very opportunity to see friends and family. I'm going to mull all drink possible and sprinkle cinnamon on everything I eat. I can't wait.


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  1. Fingers crossed for a much better Christmas this year, your decorations look awesome btw!


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