10 December 2013

12 Months of Bread - 7/12

For my 7th bread of the year I decided to make ciabatta! The reason that I started this project was to learn new bread making techniques; I've read a lot of bread recipes in the last couple of days, a lot. So, when I came across a ciabatta recipe and found out that the holes you get in the bread are made through a different kneading technique I decided to give it a go! I'm a big fan of ciabatta anyway!

I decided to use this basic recipe. I found that the water listed in the ingredients is way way too much (the second photo is what I had left over)!! Luckily, I've learnt to add liquids gradually and stop when I know the dough is at a good consistency, but be warned if you try it yourself. It also makes a whollle lot, I chopped my dough into two to bake and even those were huge. I decided to fold in a handful of freshly chopped basil too.

Lessons Learnt: A new folding kneading technique to trap in those air pockets. I could have been  gentle when transferring it from its proving bowl to try and preserve more of the air pockets inside.

Verdict: Pretty good! It was holey like real ciabatta; next time I'll fold it a lot more to try and make them bigger. We had it cut in half and lightly toasted with more fresh basil and garlic butter. So good!


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