20 December 2013

12 Months of Bread - 8/12

I'm really starting to think I'm not going to get this challenge done in time; 4 breads in 13 days - thats doable I think? Anyway, for my 8th bread I went for Oatmeal Rolls! For no other reason than I wanted soup for dinner and had no bread in the house.

I stuck pretty close to the recipe, but used vegan butter, less sugar and I added more raw oats at the final stage when I was making the little individual rolls because I thought it would be tasty.

Lessons Learnt: Not too much. These were pretty easy to make! Adding the 'oatmeal' mixture bit my bit helped loads, I tried lumping it all in at first but it was tough to mix in.

Verdict: Baking wise they turned out great. Crispy and soft in the middle. They looked good, but the taste wise, bleh. They were pretty bland! Ha. Maybe I should have put in more sugar? Sugar in bread always seems weird to me. This is the first of the breads that I have made that I will not be making again.


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