29 December 2013

Christmas Travels.

Christmas where families live far apart results in a festive season of endless on train, off train, with huge suitcases. I know we are not alone in this (I have friends who have it much worse) but it is pretty tiering. We left our house on the 24th for Dixons parents in Sunderland, and yesterday was a pit-stop back at home, to pick up my parents presents now we're at my parents for our second Christmas. We will be back in Leeds to spend New Years with our friend-family, then straight back to work; which adds up to a very exhausted me.

It is worth it though, I love seeing our families spending time with each of them is pretty important and I can't imagine having Christmas without Dixon there. And, it really does make me appreciate my own home when we get to the end of it all. I'm never 100% comfortable unless I am in my own bed and able to work by my own schedule (and use my own coffee machine).

I hope your festive season is/was amazing, and that you're getting the chance to relax, appreciate and enjoy.


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