1 November 2013

See ya October!

October was almost perfectly Autumnal. Mostly bright blue skies and crisp orange leaves. I am looking forward to November going into full blown Autumn mode. I'm going to buy new a new coat and boots. Maybe I'll be smart this year and buy some wellies before the snow turns up? Who knows. How was your month!?

This October I made an improvised sausage casserole that was one of the best things I have ever cooked! I tried a new beer from my favourite brewery; it was rhubarb flavoured!!  I had lots of hot chocolates and stews. I pulled out my boots; I have found a new love for boots. I shared a pizza recipe! I started to volunteer for Kirkstall Community Garden and had the best time clearing an allotment plot. I ate tonnes of fruit (and tried figs for the first time!). I went to see a show. Morrisseys book came out! I set up my sewing machine and started on a quilt. Most excitingly of all though, we booked our apartment to go to the Tour de France next year! Alps... we're coming for you!

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