28 October 2013

October 26 2013 - Photo an Hour.

I had a lot planned for my Saturday. I had my fingers crossed for good weather because I wanted to make a trip to our local park which I haven't explored yet (it has a band stand!). I was going to pick up some ingredients and bake some bread. But first, I had to wait for a courier to arrive with a coffee table. But, of course, if you rely on a courier they never show up! Urrrg, so the majority of my day I was sat in waiting and waiting and waiting. Kind of frustrating. But, I had set myself some goals and one was to do a photo an hour each month and I have almost ran out of October! So, here it is;

9am// Breakfast coffee & Tofu scramble (with a load of hot sauce).

10am// Planning our Tour de France trip; We're going to the alps! Pretty exciting. But how do we get there?!

11am// A little working out. I did some arm stuff from this YouTube channel. Ouch.

12pm// Finishing up a blog post and playing around with photos... Still waiting for my delivery.

1pm// It turned into a pretty beautiful autumn day. Sat in still waiting for my delivery.

2pm// Chore time; I still haven't gotten over how awesome it is to be able to dry my washing outside!

3pm// I made a burger for lunch, griddled onions are my absolute favourite... and gherkins.

4pm// I was watching a kestrel hovering over our garden for ages. I finally ran for my camera but it vanished. Sorry.

5pm// Facetime with this guy and the pups whilst he is at his parents.

6pm// Finally come to terms that my table isn't coming today, so I made a trip to the shop.

7pm// A little bit of wine and more of Morrisseys book; which I am loving.

I spent the rest of my day catching up on Educating Yorkshire, reading more and planning more of our trip.



  1. Looks like a pretty good day! Waiting around for packages is the worst.

    1. It is the worse, it turned up the next Monday! Thank god.


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