11 November 2013

Hall Park.

^^Can you spot the little guy burying his food?^^


I have gotten back into a crappy-rut of spending my weekends not doing very much when Dixon isn't around (which is every other weekend at the minute). I really have to force myself to do things alone; it is so much easier to just stay home. Even though sitting at home is a complete waste of time, it is just easier. Which is a stupid way to think.

So, this weekend I decided it was time to go and explore one of our new local parks. Its a fair walk from the house but it was the most amazing Autumn day so I didn't mind it at all. The park was full of interesting stuff; some amazing plants and trees, a little Japanese-style garden and squirrels! I spent a lot of time watching the squirrels. They are super cute. I wish I had taken something with me to give them. Apparently bands play at the band stand during the summer all the time, which is kind of cool! Its where a local cricket team plays too, we'll definitely have to go see them play next year.

Its a pretty cool place to have close by, and would be perfect if/when we get a dog and for picnics in summer. I still felt like a total creep walking around by myself, but it wasn't too bad and I'm sure it'll get better.

ps. I didn't think about this, but my friend Kate (Hi Kate!) pointed out the squirrels are Red Squirrels! Over here in England Red Squirrels have been getting a raw deal since Grey Squirrels started invading carrying a disease the Reds can't handle. I saw about 2-3 on my walk, feeling pretty lucky now!

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  1. that looks like a beautiful park! I love squirrels...I actually raised two baby squirrels that I found (their momma was dead nearby) and rehabilitated them. They were the sweetest little things, they needed to be fed puppy formula a crazy amount of times per day but they were adorable. They were red ones too :)


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