18 October 2013

The Kathoeys of Bangkok

This week I had the chance to attend a show that I would never have chosen to see myself. To be honest I am not really a show kind of person... With this one, I didn't really know what to expect either but I assumed it'd be a bit cring-y and crude (mainly because of the 'Lady-boy' term it actually embarrasses me to say it). But, I thought that I would give it a go, mainly through curiosity. I'm pretty interested in body modification and surely this falls into that category, right?

So, my friend Ellie and I arrived at this huge purpose built pavilion in the city center of Leeds. We picked up our tickets, got a drink and found our table. It was kind of exciting not having any idea what was going to happen behind those huge red curtains.

The whole show was a huge mixture of short pieces; Lots of singing, lots of dancing. There was a few current songs which really isn't my bag and at one point there was a 'sexy' Santa, so so gross. But, don't worry it gets better! A huge chunk of it turned out to be real cabaret style which I absolutely loved. It was funny and shocking all at the same time. Some of it verged on the freak-show style too, which again, I completely completely loved. There was one bit where someone did the literal half man-half women thing, which was really amazing to see done so well! Every single piece was pretty impressive. The girls were beautiful (and definitely put me to shame), the outfits were breathtaking and the atmosphere was amazing. I had the best night.


If you want to give it a go, the girls are still on tour in the UK, you can find their website here.

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