21 October 2013

Our New Home - 2 Months In.

Things seem to have finally settled in at the new house. I am no longer laying in bed wide eyed terrified by every sound. It is s i l e n t over here, and I had some serious issues sleeping the first few weeks. Our last place being in the city centre meant; we had the canal water running outside, trains, planes, cars and people walking around the corridors and partying constantly. Now, we have nothing but a couple of Tawney owls which is possibly the coolest thing ever (to me). We've also spotted a fox wondering down our street twice which makes me happy beyond words.

And the house itself? Well, it's pretty bare still. I am planning for this to be the last house we rent before we buy our own place. And, as it is owner-managed we can do a bit of decorating... Kind of like a test run before the real thing! Here are some before photos:

The living room/dining room is very bare. It feels a lot better already with freshly painted walls though. I'm planning to dip-dye some curtains, we need to cover that ugly fire and I need plants. I'm on the hunt for the perfect coffee table to go with my beautiful new sofa. And Dixon and me are putting together a list of prints and posters to frame and hang on the walls above the sofa. I'm going to build my own table and collect more wooden chairs to finish it off.

We haven't really done much in our own bedroom yet, but the painting will start soon. I'm toying with the idea of having some kind of feature wall* behind the bed? I'm not sure yet! Our wardrobe is still flat-packed but ready to go up. I'm thinking of stripping down our bedside tables to repaint them, something bright maybe? Yellow? Blue? We'll see. And then rugs, we need rugs!

The garden will lay a little stagnant until late winter/early spring, but we are hoping to build some raised beds and getting a pub-style bench and table set! One of the spare rooms is my sewing room/ a second living room (our old sofa fits in there just perfect) and we can't really do much with the kitchen. So, thats it! I am excited to get started and even more excited to see how it all turns out. 

* I hate the term 'feature wall'.



  1. Absolutely love your sofa! where is it from?

    1. Thank you! It's actually from littlewoods.



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