26 October 2013

Framing some Instagrams.

I decided to get some of my Instagram photos printed a few weeks back. It always seems a waste to me to only have photographs in digital form. Thankfully, there are a million companies out there that do instragram-prints. I decided to used Polargram mainly because their site was super easy to use and the delivery ended up being pretty swift too. Since they arrived they have sat around not doing very much. So, I had a look around for some inspiration on how to display them. I was going to pin them up using bulldog clips then remembered I had a square frame that had been laying around for years. AND, my 12 prints fitted it it perfectly. It was meant to be!

I messed around with the order for a while and when I was happy used masking tape to fix them into place. I used masking tape so that if I wanted to do something different with them or stick them in an album later; they wouldn't be damaged. When I put them in the frame I was super happy! I've got it propped it up on the dining table at the minute but it will be going up on the wall very soon. I will definitely be getting some more printed soon and display them. One more step closer to completing my goals.



  1. These look so cool! I agree, digital copies are pretty pointless when you don't have them printed. :)

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    Heidi ♡

  2. Thank you for sharing. What a great idea, I love the IG pic collage! I use Snapstagram for my instagram prints because its super quick, you don’t need to upload any photos!

  3. These look really nice framed and printed congratulations on a lovely display.


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