2 September 2013

See Ya August.

August was a huge improvement on July. September is going to be even better I hope. I am so excited to get properly settled in our new home, do some decorating and gardening (although it suddenly feels very Autumnal here), have BBQs and explore our new village. I'm also looking forward to getting my sewing machine out again.

August was full of boxes. We celebrated my favourite person in the worlds birthday with a lot of Thai food. I ate a lot of cherries (apparently the British harvest has been the best in years!), I've been making the effort to eat more fruit. We got the keys to our new house. I gave some of my time to help out a Temple Newsam house and made a path through the woods. And I made some sheep friend there. Moving was tough, but we made it. We explored our new village a little. Celebrated a wedding. It was a pretty good month.

We're still without the internet in our new home. Fingers crossed I'll be back this weekend.

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  1. Great post! Love the bag in the first picture! :)


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