23 August 2013

Lock 3: Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

So, as of tomorrow 'By the Lock' is officially no longer by the lock (Although I will be keeping the name). We're handed over the keys, and we'll be in our new place. It has been an amazing two years here by the canal. I have really love it and I am genuinely sad to be leaving it behind, but equally excited to get to know our new place. Here is what I was lucky enough to see every day;

(The second floor balcony, in the middle, is where we lived)

(The ducks followed me around the whole time, wonder if they know its me know feeds them from the balcony?)

This part of the canal is right in the city centre of Leeds. It's pretty amazing, I don't think you'd ever know if it wasn't for the looming buildings around. There are an endless stream of ducks, the occasional swan or flock of geese. We've seen minks and foxes. There are hundreds of birds, flowers, berries and beautiful trees.  I am going to miss hearing the sound of someone winding the lock open and running onto the balcony to see what the boat is like. I'm going to miss the water freezing in winter and the amazing sound when the rain is heavy. I've got used to the constant trickle of water at night, its pretty soothing. Its such an amazing place. We're moving about 8 miles away but we will only 2 miles away from the another part of the canal, I'm looking forward to exploring.


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  1. Oh it's so pretty here, something about a canal and ducks pootling along it is really calming and soothing. Best of luck with your new place, how exciting to be exploring somewhere new! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook


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