9 September 2013

Do you ever feel as though everything is working against you? Christ. Its sometimes so tough to stay positive when things start to pile up. We still can't connect to our internet 3 weeks after our 'go live' date and the company in question (TalkTalk) have the most atrocious customer service. We still don't have a fence in our yard which was supposed to be up before we moved in preventing us from moving forward with potential dog adoption. Our old landlords are taking way more time then they should be to pay my bond back. The cold tap in the kitchen doesn't work and the plug in the bath doesn't fit. It may seem like small things, but it's all adding up to one big ball-ache.

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  1. I definitely know how you feel lady! I've been super stressed with school and health issues and all that, so it's been a rough month or so!
    Wishing you the best in all the household drama you're going through! <3

    1. Everything seems to happen at once, huh?

      Thankyou, and you too!



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