17 September 2013

Recently Enjoyed.

We have been spending a lot of time recently enjoying our new gas cooker. It may not seem like much to most, but I have had electric cookers my entire life so an upgrade to gas is pretty exciting. What better way to get to know a new cooker than to do a tonne of baking? Bread, pasties, pies and pizzas. We have baked through our internet less days (which are now over, thank god).

That pizza, by the way, was the best tasting pizza I have ever ever eaten. A pizza without caramelised onions is no longer a pizza in my eyes The tart is rhubarb and apple! I have never cooked rhubarb before, which is weird seeing as I live in the Rhubarb Triangle. Pasties are so much fun to make and were even better cold the next day at work. Bread; well you all know how much I love baking bread



  1. Oooh they all look yummy, I love the idea of homemade pizza!
    I know your pain re being internetless. I've just got internet back since 8 weeks ago!!

  2. Agh, I've never thought to put onions on a pizza! However, considering how much I love them, this could get out of control...


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