1 July 2013

See Ya June!

June is gone. It was half rainy, half sunny but totally enjoyable. I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and being pretty busy with work. July is going to be stressful, we've decided to move from the city centre flat out into a house. Finding a new house, and moving is hell for me. Wish us luck!

I can hardly believe June is over, I sort of feel as though I have wasted a whole month! I did enjoy some sculptures. I took tonnes of photographs, and had 3 films developed. I also bought a new Fuji Instax, which I can't wait to start using. I made a clock. I found a new favourite IPA. Our gooseberries are almost ready to harvest! We got some super exciting news about a potential pup, which I'll share more of when its set it stone. How was your June? What are your July plans?!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I've just found your blog and I totally love it! It is perfect! You are the cutest and I love your film photos! Have a nice day! ;))

  2. Good luck with the house little lady.. moving is so effing stressful. I think rewarding in the long run but searching and the move are awful. I would lend a hand if I lived closer :)
    You didn't waste a month! You lived last month.. that's what this post tells me anyway.

  3. I've just moved house too, it's stressful indeed! Where abouts are you thinking of moving to? You can get a much better place in a house out of the centre than a flat in the middle of Leeds! My old housemate just moved from a one bedroomed flat near the canal to a 3 bedroomed house and pays the same! Mental!

    Corinne x

    1. We're pretty open to exactly where, but out of the centre for sure. We're actually looking at 2 bed houses that are way cheaper than what we pay ! The centre is crazily priced, I love it here, but its time for a garden.



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