28 June 2013

Cooking together // Vegan Blogs

((Dixon is a screen printer and forever covered in ink.))

I have found my cooking inspiration. I go through stages, but recently I can't stop thinking of new things to make and getting straight on with it when I get home from work. I love it even more when we make something together. He does the jobs I am bad at; peeling the potatoes and chopping garlic extra fine. He adds the chilli too, I love the heat but am always scared I'll go too far. This is a black bean and sweet potato curry (based loosely on this recipe), guacamole, paprika houmous and whole wheat breads. Finding a perfectly ripe avocado makes me very happy, they're tough to find over here! I am so thankful that Dixon taught me to love cooking.



  1. Awe, looks so yummy! Also fantastic photography!

  2. looks like an amazing time! Mind if I stop by for a bite? :P

  3. this looks and sounds delicious! and i agree that not much is better than finding the perfect avocado!


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