18 June 2013

Barcelona On Film - 2

Camera: Olympus XA2 // Film: Fujicolor C200 Expired: 2006.

Can you tell I'm short from the angle of some of these photos? Ha. They're from the second film from our Barcelona trip. Some of the photos turned out great, but I know I missed a load of amazing shots. The film didn't pull through properly and I didn't realise until half way through the day, boo! By then the day had got a little dull.

You can see in all of the photos too how green it is, that city is full of trees. The beautiful architecture mixed in with natures makes it my favourite place. The first photo is the view over the city and out to sea from Park Guell. You can see Sagrada Familia on the left, it looked pretty amazing from up there. 

You can see more of the photos from this film on my flickr.


  1. That first photo is so stunning! Its looks so beautiful!

  2. Your photos look amazing. I'd love to go to Barcelona.


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