21 April 2013

Top 5 - April.

I am currently looking forward to some picnic weather! Summer to me means exploring, more dresses and time spent in the park with a picnic blanket. So excited to do that again. I can hardly remember the last time we had nice weather over here (seriously, it sucks!). I am also thinking about sprucing up our living room area, sort of a spring cleaning! I'm busy looking for some prints and interesting things to decorate with. A whole bunch of the ones that have made the short list are moon-ish. I am really into globes and the moon lately. Whats catching your eye lately?

1// Madam Rage Red Dress - NewLook // I noticed this dress a new times online than actually saw it in store last week, it is WAY cuter in person. The pattern is little tiny apples! And, of course, I love the collar. I love a sleeveless dress. Super summery.

2// Wicker Heart Picnic Basket - UrbanOutfitters // I am totally taking advantage this year of the upcoming picnic weather. I even made myself a picnic blanket. I have been on the look out for a nice basket and never dreamt I'd find one this amazing. I'd be the envy of the park!

3// Gold Bug Earrings - SeaBlue Boutique // I love bug jewellery! I couldn't wear these as earrings (because of my plugs!) but I'd use them as collar studs! I think they'd look amazing on a black and white dress. Or even as pins on a cardigan. Or you know, as earrings!

4// Wooden Bird Collar Clips - Ladybird Likes // More collar details, I know. But how fancy are these!! I love the colour of these birds, after a little research I think they're Red Cardinals ! I have mentioned Ladybird Likes things on here before, I really can't get enough of her stuff.

5// Early Replogle Moon Globe - Vintage Cals // Moon globes are so fascinating to me! I'd love to study them. I can't wait to get my hands on one. This one is particularly lovely, the little stand is awesome and it dates back a few years too. I love it.



  1. Great wish list, the picnic basket is gorgeous!

  2. Any graphic design with constelations or space is super cute!.....and now you've got me daydreaming for summertime ♥

  3. Loving these picks. We are getting super excited for picnic weather as well! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com


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