25 April 2013

Clare Young - Folk Art Needlecraft

I have been slowly building up a collection of craft books recently; They're an endless source of inspiration for me! I'm excited to share this particular craft book with you, it has helped me out so much lately. Folk Art Needlecraft is full of amazing ideas for cute things you can make for around the house or wear. You'll learn how to make zipper make-up pouches (which I have gone crazy for), the most beautiful picnic bag, pillows, quilts, hats and the sweetest little dolls.

This isn't just a basic how-to collection though, right at the back you have a selection of amazing motif templates. Clare Young has pulled inspiration from all over the world, from Peru to India to Spain! These designs make your home-made pieces into something your friends will pick up and swoon over (I mean, I definitely would!). It shows you what stitches to use too, to make the design perfect.

Thats my favourite part of the whole book; the super straight forward illustrations on a selection of different embroidery stitches. I found this bit so amazingly helpful. I had no idea adding a few different type of stitches could make something look so much more professional!

I was super excited to get started on one of the projects. I didn't know which one to choose! I decided on a Reindeer Pillow (because the design was the cutest!). It gave me chance to practise and master a bunch of amazing stitches. The bullion knots was once my nemesis, now though? Easy! I'm about half way through now (it has taken me a whillle to get to this stage). What do you think? I am pretty happy with it so far :)


This little book is perfect for beginners and masters alike. You can pick it and follow a step by step from start to finish, or pick out a embroidery design to add to anything you like. If you want to give the beautiful book a try, and I really really recommend it Folk Art Needlecraft by Clare Youngs is published by Cico Books at £12.99 and is available from www.cicobooks.com.


  1. wow that reindeer pillow looks awesome!! I may have to buy this book for myself when pay day ticks round.


  2. this is the cutest design ever!

  3. aw, this is the cutest design ever! i love it!

    lindsey louise



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