1 May 2013

See Ya April!

This month! What an amazing month. I have had a blast. It's amazing how positive a little sun can make you feel, isn't it? I hope you're all feeling just as positive about the coming months as I am. Mays diary is packed full. A bridal shower which means a visit to a spa (AH!) and a boat trip! And, more excitingly, we fly to Barcelona!

This month I sewed my own skirt, and it withstood multiple wears! I finished a little embroidery hoop. I bought myself the first flowers of the years (pink tulips!) and planted some wild flowers of my very own (and some for the bees too). I went to see the Leeds Roller Dolls, had chance to hang out with my childhood best friend. I rote a little for the Awesome Blog. It was National Dirty Otter day! I got tattooed my the wonderfully talented Sway. I finally changed my broken inner tube and went for a 12mile bike ride (ouch!). I bought a million dresses. I got to spend some a lot of time on the balcony and I'm so glad the boats are back and passing us by all day. What was the highlight of your April?


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