1 March 2013

See Ya February!

February was a pretty good month! I know I always say that, but it really was. I had my birthday, which I think may have been the best one yet. Nice, reasonably quiet, just me and my favourite person on the planet. The sun started to shine, and there is nothing that makes me happier than the prospect of being able to spend time outside again soon. And for March? I have promised myself a provisional driving license, and to get exercising again.

In February I got a sewing machine, I still can't get over how much I'm in love with it. I made napkins, cushion covers, a picnic blanket and a clutch bag (thanks to Kates pattern). I also shopped a whole lot for fabric and thread and buttons. I baked my favourite kind of bread and started a new crafty project. My family came to visit. I took a lot of photographs on my favourite camera. I got my first ever online content published (you can see it on the Independed Leeds website), exciting huh?! We bought our Primavera festival tickets, I discovered my new favourite drink (espresso martini!) and hung out with the puppies. I ate so much salad, and infused some more gin (blueberry and lemon this time!). Phew.

What was the highlight of your February? And how are you going to make March even better?


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  1. The highlight of my February was going on holidays to the quietest, most boring seaside town in the world. I loved every minute of it!

    1. I love little seaside towns! Sounds amazing


  2. You know my mother sells sewing machines and has about 8 sewing machines and I don't sew...there is something wrong with that. That's pretty awesome that you made napkins and a bag?!?! How awesome! I have to find somewhere in the U.S. that makes espresso martinis! It sounds delicious!!

    Have a great weekend!! Best wishes for you march goals!

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