28 February 2013

Book #12

Wow I have been rubbish at reading recently. I love love love to read, but I just can't seem to find the time. My work is a 5 minute walk from our apartment, so I don't get the commuting time to read. Then, between sewing, writing here and every day living, my books are getting very dusty. How do you find time to squeeze in a few pages?

That being said I think my Weekly Book series is in need of a name change. It's probably going to be more a 'Whenever I get chance to finally finish a book I love I'll share it with my wonderful readers'. Has a ring to it, doesn't it?

I did finally got around to finishing a brand new book this week though. I can't remember far enough back to when I first started it...

Hollywood is quite different to any Charles Bukowski book I have read before. Bukowski is known for  being a down and out; A heavy drinker with little luck with woman. His other books piece together his alter-egos life as he begins to gain recognition for his poetry and short stories. This recognition doesn't seem to affect him much other than giving him more money to drink away and bet on the races. In Hollywood though, he is writing a screenplay for his film Barfly (which I'll definitely be watching now), has a steady girlfriend who is trying to curb his drinking and regularly rubs shoulders with Hollywood stars.

The writing is still Bukowski, the hatred is still there, even if we do only see it briefly. Maybe he has a little more hope and a little more structure in this book than we have become used to? Its super interesting to hear the struggles behind an independent film though, the uncertainties with funding and the demands of actors/actresses involved. I didn't know until after I'd finished that the characters in the book are actually based on those actually involved in the Barfly film. It made me read back and see how they were/are in real life!

The book was first printed way back in 1989 (the year I was born), but it seems very modern and completely relevant now. Overall, I did like the book, it was very easy to get lost in. But, if you haven't read anything by Bukowski before I would try Ham on Rye or the Post Office.



  1. I'm reading Hollywood at the moment, I started it quite a while ago though.

    I don't get the chance to actually read much either but I love listening to audio books when I'm walking and when I'm at work or at Uni!

    1. I realised today that I started it back in June!

      I've never listened to an audiobook, maybe i'll give it a shot



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