2 March 2013

Lets Talk Fabric

I love fabric. And I love patterns. Since getting back into sewing I have been hunting out some beautiful patterned fabric to make into beautiful things. I have spent a lot of my lunch breaks recently stood in the market, staring at rolls and rolls of the stuff, trying to make decisions. Then leaving with a heavy plastic bag and £30 less in my purse. I've also done a whole load of online window shopping. I'm so happy to have found some beautiful designs.

Here are some favourites I've come across on my searching;

1// Socks the Fox in Coral 2// Cloudbirds 3// Stormy Weather 4// Commute Bicycle 5// Moon and Sun.

I am really starting to feel confident behind my sewing machine now. That means its time to move onto something bigger (and scarier); I want to make some fun pillowcases for our bed (those clouds?! That would be dreamy). A dress, maybe? I think the blue bike print would make the most beautiful dress! It's the kind of thing I would run to if I saw it in a shop. The cute pouncing foxes would make a perfect dress too, I imagine it having a sweet peter-pan collar. How unique is the Sun & Moon fabric? I'd love to make it into a blanket. And the birds are destined for my sofa! 

Feeling more confident  also means I don't mind paying a little more than my market fabrics for amazing ones just like these, I have less chance of screwing it up and more chance of having something I completely love at the end.

Are you a fabric obsessive? I would really love to know where you buy your material from, what your favourite store is and any other tips you have! I am on the look out for amazing sewing based blogs too, so send your recommendations this way please.


  1. I'm obsessed with fabric!! I rarely even sew anymore because my sewing machine is broken, but that doesn't stop me from buying it, haha. You usually get mine from Joanne's fabric or smaller local stores. My favorite designer is Amy Butler!! Do you have a favorite fabric designer?


    1. I couldn't possibly choose any favourite fabric designers. I'm a big fan of people who screen print their own stuff thought. Cotton & Flax is a current obsession; http://cottonandflax.com


  2. Ooh that fox material really is a good'un! I go a bit crazy with fabrics from this place in Warrington, Cheshire every couple of months or so http://tptextiles.co.uk/. A bit of an Aladdin's cave if you're willing to jump in the fabric bins and crawl through miles of pretty materials (Don't mind if I do.) Though I'm no more adventurous than making cushions usually I've been thinking about making a cover for my kindle.

    1. Apparently there are a couple of places around my city just like that, huge places packed full! It sounds like heaven.

      I'm currently on a cushion cover spree!


  3. Good for you feeling more confident sewing!!! I don't sew but for a while I was collecting fabrics just because they were awesome and I couldn't pass them up! If I saw that cloud one and fox one I couldn't resist!! =)


  4. Oh I simply cannot resist fabric, I have piles of it just sitting around waiting to be made into projects.

    I love the sweet little foxes.


  5. I'm notorious for buying pretty fabrics even if I have no plan for them. Thanks for the links to these fabrics. I adore those foxes and clouds. Cloud pillows will be dreamy for sure. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. I am in love with all of those fabrics! I would be more inclined to make the pouncing foxes dress with Peter Pan collar. SO cute!
    Let's see... I buy most of my fabrics from Joann's, but their quality isn't the greatest, to be honest, although their sales are nice (when they have them and the item you want isn't already on sale).
    There are a lot of awesome quilting stores around where I live that have AMAZING prints and the like, but they're all fleece or the type of cotton that is not good for clothing, but perfect for pillows and cushions!
    So glad we found each other! I will most definitely be checking in on you often (in a non-creepy way)!

    Sue // Chevron & Lace

    P.S. All you lovely ladies who posted before me, feel free to send any of your excess fabric my way!

  7. I love these fabrics. I haven't sewn in a while, but when I see these cute patterns I kind of want to again :)




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