27 February 2013

Rosy-Lemon Juice Recipe.

Rose water may be one of my favourite smells and tastes ever. It is sooo good (and so Summery!). I recently stumbled across a few bottles in a health food store, had a load of ideas on what I could do with it, then subsequently completely forgot about which store it was! Doh. I found them again though, don't worry. I decided to make a fancy drink to share with you guys.

Rose & Lemon water is very easy, refreshing and a little different. Perfect for day dreaming about beaches and picnic in parks. Here is how to make your very own!

You'll need:
   - 7 lemons for juicing and 1 for slicing
   - 1 cup of sugar
   - Rose Water (I used 'Essence of')
   - Water
   - Ice

1. First, juice your lemons into a jug. Watch for pips! I used a sieve to get rid of any nasty bits, pulp is fine though!

2. Stir in your sugar and stir thoroughly until dissolved. Then add in your water; You'll want to have the ratios at about 1 parts lemon to 3 parts water.

3. Time for the rose water. Now, this part will completely depend on the kind of rose water you have, or how much juice you've got. Add a little at a time and taste. As mentioned about I used Rose Water Essense, and this is kind of weak. I used 5tbls for my jug.

4. Stir one last time, add your ice and lemon slices and now its ready to serve!


As with all my recipes, they are completely to my taste. Feel free to change around anything, add more, add less. Its up to you! You could even add something completely different, if you do, let me know! I'd love to hear.


  1. I don't think I've ever had rose water.. what would you compare it to? I do however LOVE lemonade!

    1. It tastes how roses smell! Lightly perfumed and lovely! I recommend it.


  2. I'm not a big fan of rose water but I think the addition of lemon would completely make it for me! This looks lovely =) xx

  3. Whenever places have rosewater lemonade I always order it! I have to try this out!! =)

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