11 November 2012

Scotch Bonnets & Junior.

The majority of the plants we have been growing this year are on their way out. We harvested the tomatoes (not a great yield, maybe 5?), the carrots were packed together way too tightly and turned out tinnny, but the chillis! They are doing great. There are still little flowers on one of the mystery plants, we think they're the habanero, we have a handful of jalapenos still growing and this morning one of the scotch bonnets changed colour! I can't believe how quickly it changed, I swear it was green last night.

AND, finally, I haven't given you an avocado update in a while. Junior is about 8 months old now and he is huge! The leaves are bigger than my hand and he is getting taller by the day. I can't believe how tiny he was back in September.  It is amazing. I think everyone should grow their own avocado from the stone. Love you Junior.


  1. nice work. We put in our our summer vegetable crops last week, I am looking forward to our first harvest of the season xx


    1. Aw i wish i could go back to the beginning and plant more suitable things for our balcony! good luck! :)


  2. I've always wanted my own lil garden! Yours is so cool! =)


  3. Your avocado plant looks so good. I've never tried growing one before, but you may just inspire me. Very cool.


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